1. How do I participate in the Gems HT Promo?

To participate in the promo, find the Unique code inside the pack and SMS GEMSHTUNIQUE CODE to 9902391200


2. Where can I find the Unique Code?

You can find the Unique Code inside the specially marked Gems Home Treat Pack.

3. Is Unique Code mandatory to participate in the promo?

Yes, you must have a Unique Code in order to participate and receive your cashback reward code.

4. I have won a Cashback; how do I claim it?

Visit gemscashback.com and enter the reward code (received on your registered mobile number), name, and email ID, and submit. Select the preferred mode of cashback (UPI/NEFT/E-wallet) and enter the required details. You will receive your cashback within 24-business hours.

5. I have received an SMS stating my cashback has failed to process. What do I do to claim it?
In case your cashback has failed to process, please contact us at feedback@bigcity.in to update your payment details again as the previously submitted details may have been incorrect leading to the failure.

6. I have received an SMS confirming I have won a Cashback but have not received the remittance in my bank account.

The message that confirmed you have won a cashback, has a reward code and a web link in it that will help you claim your cashback. Please ensure you register on gemscashback.com with the reward code received on your registered mobile number to register yourself on the website. Once you submit and authenticate the details on the website, your cashback will be processed within 24-48 business hours.


7. What is the Offer Validity?

The campaign will run for 90 days, starting from 1st August 2023 till 30th November 2023.

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